Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So the reviews for the new Uncharted for the PSVITA are in. They range from so-so to good. I thought that the only thing that would save the PSVITA from a disaster would be amazing games only available on the platform. The price of the system and the game would be close $400. To me it seems like a very tough sell in the age of smartphones, ipods, and relatively inexpensive apps/games. Does anyone else agree the PSVITA is DOA? Or does anyone believe it'll give life back into the handheld scene?


My girlfriend bought me tickets to the Bulls game tonight! Oh man this is pretty exciting haven't been to a game all year.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Took some free time on my weekend to play this.
Ok so..... a lot of people describe this game in a lot of different ways. I have heard Elder Scrolls, God of War, and Fable. They are all partially right. There is a lot of noticeable inspiration from other games. I can see the God of War influence in the combat. It is very arcady and a lot of fun. The game is open world but it feels like walking through a canyon (Not a bad thing) sort of like Fable. The game has blacksmithing, alchemy, and gem crafting (Elder Scrolls anyone?)

I'm level 11 about 10 hours in. I have heard that this game can last anout 200 hours for a complete experience. I can see that to be true because side missions here are plentiful.

Graphics are nice overall although the character models leave something to be desired.

Great solid game. Extremely glad I made time to play it. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.